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 Intelligent Business   



It is difficult for business to survive without business intelligence (BI) these days.

In order to compete in the market it is critical to gain knowledge not only on the external sources of information, but, even more important, it is absolutely necessary to have information on your own business performance.

Knowing the everyday key metrics of business performance will elevate your decision-making capability to such levels that will enable your service or product delivery to be efficient from every business aspect. How would you achieve this? The answer is to be focused and dedicated to designing and building technical structures and processes that will do these steps:

        - capture data generated by your business processes
        - optimize it for retrieval and consumption in multiple forms: both summary and details
        - provide immediate access to it when needed.

Like never before in the history of the Information Technology do we have such amount of business data that we accumulate daily. Like never before it is difficult to make sense of it. Like never before do we have means and capability to do this.

Using this capability you will build your own Intelligent Business!

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We specialize in these technologies:

BI Tools:
- SAP Business Objects Enterprise
- MS Excel

ETL Tools:
- SAP Business Objects Data Services
- Informatica

Database Tools:
- MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MS Access

tell us about your needs and we will help you with any BI/ETL/DBMS tool!

Yula LLC
Evanston IL 60202
(847) 909-1190

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