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 About Yula LLC   



Welcome to the website of Yula LLC, a business intelligence IT firm based in Chicago, IL!

We provide solutions to complex informational problems faced by the enterprises today.

As data accumulated by the business increases in volume, and the state of processes is in a perpetual mode of change - the most demanding task is how to make the information that is vital to the business operations accessible, timely and accurate.

With our expertise and knowledge, ability to listen to the business and understand the challenges we can provide tremendous value to your organization at an affordable cost that will be significantly surpassed by the value achieved.

We provide BI solutions that fit your business needs. Whether you have a need to build a database, extract-transform-load processes, reporting solutions or repair and enhance existing BI installations - we are ready to help you.

Our experts in database management systems, ETL and BI applications are available for both short-term and long-term projects. We are a highly flexible and scalable firm - we exist for your needs.

Please, feel free to explore our website and utilize the information to your advantage.

Jula LLC Principal

Oleg Yurchenko,
Yula LLC Principal


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